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Shearing and punching machine Komax Alpha 477

Maker: Komax

Length range 60mm–80000mm (2.36in.–262.5ft.)
Optionally from 35mm (1.38in.)
Length accuracy Repeat accuracy: ±(0.2% +1.0mm (0.04in.))
Stripping lengths 0.1mm–35mm (0.004in.–1.38in.)
Wire cross-sections* 0.22mm2–4mm2
Optional from 0.13mm2
Cross section ratio >1:4
Double crimp (Kabel A+B) <6mm2
Wire infeed speed max. 10m/s (32.8ft/s)
Noise level <75dB (no crimping module)
Electrical connection 3×208–480V / 50–60Hz 7kVA
Pneumatic system 5–6bar (73–87psi) | 22Nm3
/h (777ft3
Weight 1900kg (2866lb.) including 2m conveyor belt,
two crimping modules and two seal loading modules

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SKU: 1973

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