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Robotic welding workplace MOTOMAN EA 1900

Year: 2008


Description: complete robotic welding workplace with MOTOMAN robot. 2 Motoman welding workstations: 1x two-axis semi-excavator with cradle and rotary rotary table, 1x large rotary table. MIG / MAG welding method
Robot type: EA 1900 MOTONAN
Number of work axes: 6
Control unit: control box Motoman NX 100, superior control system RCU.50 + TEACHPENDANT
Welding source type: SIGMA 500, MPS 501W Migatronic + SIGMA 500 C-V-PULSE welding accessory set (Sigma Multifeeder wire feeder, Sigma / PI robot interface, KID for external RWF)
Power: 400A (short-term 450A)
Welding torch: Binzel
Type positioned with cradle: MT 1-5000 (two axes with drive)
Load capacity of MT 1-5000 positioner: 5000 kg
Positioner weight MT 1-5000: 6800kg
Rotary horizontal positioner type: R-6000
Loader positioner R-6000: 6000 kg
Maximum torque: 13900 Nm
Positioner weight R-6000: 2800kg
Dimensions of the whole workplace: approx. 15.0 x 8.0 meters
Accessories: automatic torch cleaner and wire syringe Thielmann, 3D safety scanner SICK S 3000, 2x doors to the robot compartment with automatic insertion, workplace fencing, safety sensors.

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