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Robotic cell CO2 Robolution 1960 2 x ABB– IRB 2400L IRC5 M2004

Year: 2006

Maker: Robolution

In good technical condition and fully functional.
Year of production 2006.
Work table: 2 x rotary bench (robots weld on one side of the table, the operator loads the material on the other side of the table) Spacing between the bench flanges: 2,200 mm, turning diameter of the jig 1,600 mm.
Welding sources: 2x Fronius TPS 4000 water-cooled, equipment for welding diameter. wire 1 mm, burners 22 °

Cell dimensions: width x depth = on the base frame: 3,750 x 5,700 mm, x height (without roof): 2,200 mm. Height including roof for suction welding. gases: 3,100 mm. Albany door height: 2,800 mm, clear door opening: width x height: 2,800 x 2,200 mm.
Operating hours of the cell as of 4.5.2021: cell in automatic operation: 62,830 hours, of which hours of movements (running) of each of the robots: approx. 35,130 hours

The robotic arms undergo regular annual service from the service department of ABB Prague, the last service at 7/2020.
The machine has been available since August 2021.

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