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CNC milling machine MAHO MH 700S

Year: 1987

Maker: Deckel Maho

Type: MH 700S
Year of manufacture: 1987
Manufacturer: MAHO
Control system: Philips CNC 432
4. controlled axis rotary table: diameter 630 mm
Departures: X - 700, Y - 500, Z - 600 mm
Clamping: ISO 40
Tool magazine: 60 positions
Speed range: 20 to 6300 rpm.
Power consumption: 20 kW
Machine dimensions: 3250 x 3120 x 2290 mm
Machine weight: 7,500 kg
Accessories: internal cooling by the spindle cavity (IKZ), 600 liter coolant storage, automatic turning of the head to a vertical or horizontal spindle, chip conveyor, manual control panel (Hk.St.)

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